Apocalypse from the Sky

The Zoretha

Date: 09/10/10 In Attendance: Robbbb, Drew, Jason, and new guy Aaron


Haltock: Accompanied the freed dragonborn slaves from the lair of the Unchained cult to their home village of Arkhor on the island of Zyr. There he was welcomed with open arms by the dragonborn and honored as a hero for bringing home dozens of sons, brothers, fathers, and husbands. The elder of the village, Zanedithas Flamesbreath, told Haltock of the danger that he believed the village faced, a danger that could also threaten Freeport and possibly the world. A man named N’Tal came to the island in search of the power of the ley lines and he used some kind of trickery to steal the dragonborn’s knowledge of ley lines from them. Shortly after, the Drac lighthouse began construction and cults began swarming to the Serpent’s Teeth. One cult has been congregating on the dragonborn’s isle, a cult of constructs that seem to worship the strange megalithic structures that number in the thousands on the island and are also known to be on the other islands of the Serpent’s Teeth. He believed the cult was seeking to use the power of the ley lines to awaken the megaliths. The elder asked Haltock to investigate.

Nemoc: The Eladrin wizard spent time studying the book obtained from the celestial mage’s chamber and learned about the threats from the Astral Sea that the Apocalypse from the Sky tome warned about. He finally got to meet with High Priest Thuron at the Ioun Temple, finally honoring his master’s original appointment. Though seemingly willing to help, the High Priest acted strangely and Nemoc sensed some form of glamour upon him. The priest seemed to know nothing of what Nemoc’s master wished to meet about. Afterward, Nemoc met with Brother Egil, who agreed that Thuron was acting strangely and agreed to keep an eye on him.

Lucan: Lucan agreed to have dinner with his sister Karina. There he learned that she had no recollection of her childhood or of the man he knew to be her father. He questioned her about the Sea Lord and she said he was constantly working on the lighthouse and rarely around, so she may do things to try and gain his attentions, like dating pirates that turn out to be cult leaders. She asked Lucan about his amulet, which bore the Drac family crest and was identical to hers. He was unsure of where he got it, but he’s always had it. She thought that hers was unique, but when they brought their amulets together, they noticed that they began to magically glow. Karina asked Lucan to come to the formal dinner, where her father was planning on unveiling the lighthouse to the Captain’s Council, and have him meet the Sea Lord. Lucan asked if he could bring guests and she said he could. After dinner, Karina departed with her bodyguard and Lucan left to return to the Scholar’s Quill, but on the streets, he was confronted by off-duty city guard who seemed to have something against elves. But before violence could break out, a tiefling woman emerged from the shadows and threaten to reveal the guard’s extramarital activities with their spouses. The three reluctantly left and the woman introduced herself as Avarice. She made advances to Lucan and the two shared some time in a room. Later, she said that those guards were known to sell themselves out to some shady organizations around town and were probably sent to accost him. She believed it may have something to do with the fact that he holds a Drac Family Crest, meaning that he may be a rival to the Sea Lord’s station. Avarice told Lucan to be more careful around town and that if he ever wanted to get in touch with her, to ask for her at the Glory Hole.

Thorend: Went out to research the Moradin Gauntlet and the Idol of the Elder Eye that they found in the Unchained lair.

Fedmahn: Has not been seen in a few weeks.

Grekk: Has not been heard from since departing from the group on the isle of Zor.

Jaoved: A minotaur that was used as slave labor in the Unchained cult’s ley line tunnels. He was freed by Haltock and the others and he asked to tag along with them.

Most of the group eventually met up and were convinced to go to the island of Zor to look into the Zoretha cult that the dragonborn elder had asked Haltock help with. They chartered passage to Zyr and were met with excitement and adoration. The group were called Haltock’s Storm Furies and were treated to a celebration. The following morning, they provided guides to the volcano where they believe the Zoretha are gathering. Along the way, the see for themselves that the island does indeed have thousands of the megaliths scattered throughout.

At the volcano, the group finds an archway with Celestial glyphs engraved upon it, which Nemoc translates to the history of the Zoretha Hulks. Apparently, during the entropic incursion called the GodWar, the beings known as the Zoretha Hulks dropped to Creation to find a way to destroy the world. These towering beings sought out Ley Line Nodes; convergences of multiple ley lines, to unravel them and destabilize the structure of Creation, eventually hoping to cause the world to lose cohesion and break apart. The hulks gathered here because a powerful node lies below these islands, but before they could destroy the node, the GodWall was completed and the hulks went inert.

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The group enters the archway and finds a room with a teleporation circle within. They step upon it and enter another chamber that contained empty alcoves. As they studied the alcoves, metal and wooden construct warriors appeared and attacked. The group defeated them and they moved past a locked portcullis to another teleporation circle, which took them to a room with three platforms. From these platforms, metal dogs emerged and attacked, while an animated ballista attacked them from atop the tallest platform. The group managed to destroy all of these constructs and found some treasure and another teleporation circle.

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The next room they appeared in was a multi-level chamber with two warrior constructs and two bronze minotaur constructs. They fought and defeated the constructs and found a door with a magic mouth upon it, similar to the one they found in the Unchained lair belonging to the celestial mage. This magic mouth was less pleasant than the last, warning the “brother magi” away, stating that he was not welcome here. Lucan manages to unlock the door and the group finds another mage’s study, and the image of the dead tiefling magi, Qathur, appeared to them. It was belligerent and demanded that Nemoc leave. Nemoc, instead, searched the room and found a ley line map that seemed to point out where the lost Tower Arcanis may be hidden – somewhere out in the Twisting Deep, near the permanent hurricane. Qathur warned that it was too late, that the constructs found the map first and are already seeking out the tower. Nemoc and the others ignored the Qathur image, looted his hidden treasure, and departed to the next room via the teleporation circle.

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This circle led to a lava tube that had a platform set within it. Upon the plaform, four of the warrior constructs, including the cult’s leader, “The Zor”, were chanting to two golden scrolls that were suspended within the lava tube, apparently feeding energy off of the ley line node below. The heroes attack, but find themselves greatly challenged by the Zor and his champions. Both Haltock and Jaoved die at the hands of the constructs, but Nemoc and Lucan managed to finish off the cultists and to claim the two golden Zoretha Scrolls.

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Lucan and Nemoc take the bodies of Haltock and Jaoved back to the Ioun temple and, using some of the treasure found in the Zoretha’s lair, paid for their souls to be restored to their bodies before the Raven Queen could claim them for eternity.



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