Terms and Definitions

Abominations: Creations of the Primordials, Gods, Entropy and other Elder Evils to wreak havoc in the universe.

Army of Darkness: The massive force formed by the Elder Evil Necreus. The original purpose of the army was to find the Nodes of Power in the world and destroy them so that the world shards would fragment, undoing the work of the gods and the primordials. It’s current purpose is to free Necreus from his citadel so that he may lead them in conquering the world.

Conclave of Magi: An order of arcane magic users that dates back to before the founding of the Nerath Empire. The Magi believed in the use of magic to the betterment of the world. The order opposed organized religion, believing that the beings that people chose to worship were self-serving entities and, though powerful, were not truly divine. This belief put them at odds with the most powerful organized relgion, the Soladrin Theopolis.

Elder Evils: This term is used to describe powerful beings that have existed since the dawn of time. Most of these refer to the entropic beings that invaded from the Far Realms, but some of them are indiginous creatures to this universe that existed here before the arrival of the gods and, possibly, the Primordials.

Empire of Arkhosia: The ancient empire of the dragonborn race.

Empire of Bael Turath: The ancient empire of the tiefling race.

Empire of Nerath: The empire formed at the culmination of the War of Darkness. The empire lasted 1000 years and the beginning of its end is marked with the Magi Heresy.

Entropy: Term used to describe the enemy of Order, which the gods of Io represent. Entropy is believed to be a collective consciousness that refers to itself as the Eschaton. When aspects of the Eschaton are sent into the universe of Order, they maintain a connection to the Eschaton for a time, but tend to develop individual consciousness and identity the longer they remain away from the Far Realm.

Gods: Servants of Order, the children of the Overgod, Io. These beings oppose the Entropy and all of its agents. Each holds a divine spark that defines it as an agent of Order.

GodWall – the structure: According to the holy book named the GodWall, the god Moradin built a barrier around the world of Creation to protect it from the dangers beyond. The barrier is invisible to mortals, but it is said that one who achieves true belief in the Pantheon of Io is able to see the structure and the writings upon its surface, which is said to contain the history of the universe.

GodWall – the holy book: The writings of Sola, in which it is said that she wrote the history of Creation from what she read from the GodWall.

GodsWar: A term used to describe the age in which the Pantheon of Io warred with the Primordials and, later, the entities of Entropy. This war cost the lives of hundreds of gods, includig that of Io, the Overgod, and birthed the two gods Bahamut and Tiamat from his ashes.

Hulks of Zoretha: These Elder Evils came from outside of Creation, sent here by a being known as Zoretha, to destroy the world during the GodsWar. Who or what Zoretha is has not been made clear, though it is likely it is an entropic entity.

Ley Lines: Myth has it that, when the gods and the primordials made Creation, they did so taking pieces from shattered worlds and combining them with stuff from the Elemental Chaos and binding them together with Astral magic. This binding formed the ley lines, which are the seams between the world shards, elemental stuff and held together by this energy. Ley lines criss-cross the world and in places where two or more lines intersect are known as Nodes of Power or Nexus.

Leviathan: An Elder Evil that also came to Creation during the GodWar to destroy the world (devour it, actually). It is believed to be an entropic agent, but that has never been confirmed.

Magi Heresy: The term used to describe the events that led to the fall of the most powerful organization of arcane magic users in the known history of the world. The heresy was orchestrated by the Soladrin Theopolis and began with the Night of Terror, in which the majority of the Conclave’s ruling body was killed by Soladrin Confessors and their magical tower, known as the Tower Arcanis, was destroyed.

Necreus: A powerful being that is referenced as an Elder Evil, as his exploits date back to the GodsWar. He is said to have been one of the original Entropic entitities that invaded from the Far Realms, intent upon destroying Creation. Legends state that Necreus did battle with the goddess known as Solara, the daughter of Pelor, who sacrificed herself to prevent Necreus from escaping the GodWall when it was completed, trapping him within and cutting him off from the Far Realm and his source of power. He later awoke when the demi-god Sola awoke and he formed his Army of Darkness from the outcast and wicked of the world. Intent upon completing his plans of destruction, Necreus sought out the Nodes of Power, convergences of ley lines that held the world shards of Creation together, to destroy them. Sola’s Army of Light opposed him and Sola sacrificed herself to imprison Necreus within his Obsidian Tower. Necreus’ physical form is still trapped but his spirit has recently awakend and has begun reforming his Army of Darkness. According to the Brine Witch, Necreus no longer seeks to destroy Creation, but to rule it.

Nodes of Power: Convergences of two or more ley lines. These places are nexus of magical energies that hold the world shards together.

Primordials: Beings of pure elemental power, residing within the region of the universe known as The Elemental Chaos. Though older than any other sentient beings known, there is some evidence to suggest that other, older beings may have existed here before them. Still, the Primordials were the dominant beings at the time of the God’s arrival. IO managed to create a truce with the Primordials, which led to the birth of Creation, but the truce was broken when one of the gods defiled the Primordial’s home by planting the Chaos Seed deep within, spawning the Abyss. This led to a GodsWar lasting thousands of years, which was eventually won by the Gods, who imprisoned the surviving Primordials for all time. To this day, the Primordials seek to escape their prisons to exact their revenge upon the Gods and their Creation.

Sola: A demi-god whose writings inspired the founding of the Soladrin Church. Sola opposed the Elder Evil known as Necreus, who became active at the same time that she awoke. She organized an alliance between the Soladrin Theopolis, the Conclave of Magi and several of the most powerful kingdoms on Creation, including the Kingdom of Nerath to war against Necreus and his Army of Darkness. Sola sacrificed herself at the end of the War of Darkness to imprison Necreus, thus saving the world.

Soladrin Theopolis: A religion founded by the original followers of Sola, a woman who claimed to have the ability to read the divine writings upon the GodWall and who penned the original copy of the religious text entitled “The GodWall”. The Soladrin believed that all of the gods were to be venerated equally and that worship of one god over the others was a sin to the pantheon.

Tower Arcanis: The magical tower of the Conclave of Magi, which was the headquarters of the order for centuries before it was reputedly destroyed during the Night of Terror of the Magi Heresy. The tower itself was said to possess vast magical power.

Terms and Definitions

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