Game Session Items and Info

Session Name: The Unspeakable Ones
Session Date: 06/11/10

Book of the Unspeakable One: Not yet studied in detail, but at a glance appears to be a collection of writings pertaining to the Unspeakable One, the cult’s beliefs and contains some weird rituals.

Note from N’Tal: The note is detailed below.


  • The Dark Beacon nears completion and the day of the Master’s awakening is at hand. Before that day dawns, however, we still have much work to do.
  • The Unchained are to care for the Moradin threat.
  • The Deep Ones are to isolate the Serpent’s Teeth to prevent outside aid from coming to stop us.
  • The Zoretha must find the third and final Zoretha Scroll.
  • Finally, the Unspeakable are to find and take the Traveler and take the secret of The Calling from him.
  • The Eclipse shall arrive in Freeport on schedule. Be certain that all is ready for us. The Brotherhood is depending upon you. DO NOT FAIL US.


Session Name: The Lair of the Cult of the Chained God
Session Date: 08/07/10

Moradin’s Gauntlet: A legendary relic that is said to have actually been worn by the god Moradin in the construction of the GodWall and the prison of the Chained God.

Tome: Apocalypse from the Sky: A book written by a celestial mage of the Conclave of Magi. It contains information pertaining to threats to Creation from the beings that exist in the Astral Sea beyond the GodWall.

Idol of the Elder Eye: A golden statuette found in the lair of the cult of the Unchained. Appears to be made of gold and has a symbol of a stylized eye, which was also painted in a chamber in the lair and was also appeared in the Book of the Unspeakable One.

Celestial Charts and Maps: Various charts and maps depicting various parts of the Astral Sea in various levels of details.

Session Name: The Zoretha
Session Date: 09/10/10

2 of the 3 Zortha Scrolls: These two golden sheets were acquired within the lair of the Zoretha. They were suspended in the air within a lava tube and appeared to be drawing power from the ley line node within the mountain. Each weighs about 3 lbs and appears to be made of a flexible sheet of gold that are connected to two golden rods that allow the sheets to be rolled up. The rods and the sheets are covered in mystic runes.

Ley Line Map: Within the chamber of Magi Qathur was a map containing the ley lines and nodes that the mage had mapped out. The most significant node, containing the intersection of the most ley lines, lies in the Twisting Deep where the permanent hurricane is situated. That node was circled on the map for some reason. The mystical image of Qathur mentioned that the Zoretha had already discovered the map and were already on the way there, though his meaning was not clear and he was not very helpful.

Session Name: Milton’s Folly Part 1
Session Date: 10/01/10

The team learned of three items of power that hold significance to the events they have been involved in over the last few weeks. This information came from the Brine Witch.

  • The Dark Beacon: This sentient orb was sent to Creation within a meteor and found by N’Tal, who made a pact with it to summon the Star Spawn to Creation.
  • Blackrazor: Also according to the Brine Witch, the orb created a powerful sword from the pieces of meteor that carried it here. The sword is black and appears to have stars and celestial objects within its blade.
  • The Resonator: An arcane engine being used by the Deep Ones to control the slumbering Elder Evil called the Leviathan. The engine also prevents Necreus from acting directly in the Serpent’s Teeth. The Resonator is in the Deep Ones’ lair, which is on the ocean floor in a sunken temple.

Session Name: Milton’s Folly Part 2
*Session Date:

  • Quest for Moradin: During the course of the night after the encounter with N’Tal, Thorend is visited by an angel claiming to have been sent by Moradin. The angel says that Moradin has a task for Thorend. The GodWall was recently damaged by an ancient engine of war that was activated and plunged into the barrier. The wall was breached, which now greatly endangers Creation. Moradin wants Thorend to find one of the GodWall shards that fell to Creation and was taken into an undersea temple by a Sahaugin Barron. Using this shard, Thorend will repair the GodWall with Moradin’s Gauntlet. Upon completing this quest, Moradin shall reward Thorend with a Boon.
  • Strange Behavior for Lucan: During the same night, Lucan was observed clutching an amulet very closely to him, whispering something about how he would be an excellent Sea Lord…
  • The Eclipse: Though only seen briefly before battling N’Tal, the group managed to see the seven members of the cult. They appeared as follows:

- A warrior in heavy plate armor bearing a greataxe.

- A sorceress.

- An infernal tieling warlock.

- A pit fighter.

- A female rogue or assassin.

- A drow ranger bearing two scimitars.

- A dwarf warpriest.

Session Name: The Lair of the Deep Ones
Session Date: 08/07/10

  • Tablets of Arkhosia:
  • GodWall Stone:

Game Session Items and Info

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