Apocalypse from the Sky

Search for Lucius

Saturday, May 30, 2010

The adventurers begin the day with a note from Fedmahn, who got an early start and left to take care of some personal business. They go down to the common room of the Scholar’s Quill and are immediately met with an awkward silence and glares, which seem to be directed primarily at the wizard Nemoc. Nemoc goes to the bar and orders a coffee, but is given the same rude treatment by the barkeep. Nemoc decides to leave the room. The dwarf paladin, Thorend, asks a pair of church workers having breakfast why Nemoc was met with such rude treatment. They state that Freeport is a superstitious place and that most people here did not trust those who practice the arcane arts, believing wizards to be responsible for the cataclysm that sunk the land that once bridged the continents of Aria and Karias and that only the Ioun priests seem to tolerate wizards here. The group leaves and goes to the Ioun temple to meet with the High Priest.

Once at the temple, they are taken to the high priest’s chambers only to be rebuffed by his secretary, Milos. According to him, the meeting that Nemoc and his master had with the high priest was missed yesterday. Nemoc was told that the high priest has a very busy schedule, working with Sea Lord Drac on the construction of the lighthouse. Nemoc leaves his name and where he’s staying with Milos in hopes of getting a new appointment.

On the way out of the Ioun Temple, the group notices Brother Egil in conversation with an upset and very attractive young half-elf lady. Egil speaks to the adventurers when he is finished speaking with the lady and tells them that she is Karina Drac, the Sea Lord’s daughter, and she is an old friend of his. She is upset due to a break-up with a man she’s been seeing who, apparently, stole a valuable locket from her. Egil said he would try to help set up a new appointment with the high priest.

Leaving the temple, the group goes to the Old City to talk to the Captain’s Council about the destruction of the Moradin Temple. They meet with a man named Varis, who tells them that the temple’s destruction was investigated, but they found no bodies and no valuables within the rubble. He mentioned that there were numerous “special interest groups” working within Freeport and also spoke of the council’s disapproval of the Sea Lord’s use of the city’s funds to build his “monstrosity” across the bay.

The group left the council building and went to pay a visit to Captain Scarbelly on his boat, the Bloody Vengeance. Nemoc snuck past the sentries and met with the captain, asking about Lucious. The irritated captain told Nemoc that Lucius had chartered passage with the Bloody Vengeance over 4 years ago and traveled with them to numerous ports along the Twisting Deeps for two years, always leaving the boat at the ports by himself and venturing into dangerous lands, by himself, returning with books, scrolls, and oddities, with not a scratch on him. Nemoc also learned that the captain was holding a package for the wizard Kenzil and was waiting for him to pick it up.

Nemoc leaves the ship and the group then heads to the docks to try and get some leads on Lucius, the destruction of the Moradin temple and the wizard Kenzil. After a day of talking to people, buying drinks and asking questions, they didn’t learn much other than Freeport’s cult infestation. One in particular was mentioned in detail; the Deep Ones, a cult that venerates the World Serpent, also known as the Leviathan. This cult is said to be trying to awaken the slumbering serpent so that it may devour the world. It is also said to be comprised of “fish that walk like men” and is responsible for the attacks at sea that have claimed numerous ships as of late.

The group leave the docks, return to the Scholar’s Quill for some rest, but are attacked in the street by a group of hooded men led by a wizard. They manage to kill a handful of the men before retreating into the Scholar’s Quill. The attackers dispurse, but one stays behind to observe the group. Lucan sneaks over to the spy and knocks him out. The group convinces him to take them to his leader, the wizard. On the way to Scurvytown, the man says he and his fellows worship star beings that look down upon them. At the hideout the group attacks, killing all within, including their leader, the wizard Kenzil. On his person, they find a note, apparently from the one who sent them to kill the adventurers, an initial “M”. The note had an address upon it and they tucked it away for the night and get a room for the night somewhere other than the Scholar’s Quill.

The following day they paid the captain a visit and dropped Kenzil’s head on his desk. He gladly handed over the package to them. They took it a secluded place and opened it to find a magical staff within.

The group then went to the address upon the assassin’s note and found it to be a corner cafe that was down the street from the Ioun Temple. They watched it for a few hours when they noticed Milos leave the Ioun Temple and go to the cafe, apparently waiting for someone. After a time of watching him, they approach Milos and accuse him of sending the weird star worshippers on them. Milos points out that there are probably many people in Freeport with the initial “M” and that he had nothing to do with the attack. He told the group he would see if he could find out who did and they let him go back to the temple, but not before Nemoc snuck into the high priest’s office and found documents locked up in his desk pertaining to the lighthouse construction project and special rocks known as “mnemrock”, which has psionic properties.

The group decides to keep watch on Milos that night, and when he leaves work at 10:30, they follow him to an abandoned building. He enters and disappears into the darkness. The group enters the building and finds it to be empty. They decend into the building’s cellar and…

...to be continued next session.

Level 1 Adventure

May 15, 2010

The session began with the characters charting passage from Guildport on the continent of Karias, to Freeport; a free city located in the Serpent’s Teeth islands. Halfway to Freeport, the merchant fleet in which the characters are traveling is attacked by a massive sea monster or several sea monsters, it is unclear. The creature’s massive tenticles rip through the boats with ease, sinking all of the ships and killing most of the crew and passengers of the various ships in the fleet. Only a small group of 20 people survived, including the characters.

A week passes and more of the survivors die due to exposure or shark attacks. On the 7th day, a ship is spotted in the distance and the eladrin wizard Nemoc uses a magical light to attract it’s attention. The ship is the Deep Star, which belongs to a well-known captain that goes by the name Barrons. The remaining survivors and picked up and taken in to recover.

Captain Barrons invites two of the survivors; Nemoc and the dwarf palading Thorend, to join him for dinner. During the mean, the captain inquires of the creature(s) that attacked the fleet. He listens to the story from both and informs them that there have been other, similar attacks of late. Only two others survived those and they were driven mad by the creature that destroyed their ships. Nemoc and Thorend got the sense that Barrons had invited them to dinner to assess their sanity, as well as obtaining information.

For the duration of the voyage, the characters stuck together. They inquired about the strange cargo that was heavily protected in the hold below, but only managed to learn that it included some kind of special (magical?) rock. Nemoc and the rogue Lucan earned some extra cash with their skills and eventually the journey ended at Freeport. Fedmahn was told to meet one of the sailors in a tavern called the Glory Hole to learn more about the special rocks.

As the characters left the Deep Star, they were attacked by a press gang looking for some easy cash. The fight ended quickly and the group was approached by a man in robes who identified himself as Brother Egil, a cleric of Ioun. He offered the group a drink to hear out a job offer. At a local tavern, he explained that a friend of his named Lucius has gone missing. He explained that Lucius has been a long-time friend and co-worker in the temple of Ioun, but that Lucius began asking strangely 6 years ago, as though he didn’t know Egil. He began using the temple as his personal library and eventually was caught violating the sanctum and was expelled. He disappeared afte that for 4 years, but then returned, begging for his job back, claiming not to have any memory of the time he was gone. He was refused admittance initially, but he met privately with the high priest Thuron and was allowed to return to the temple. For 8-9 months things were back to normal, but in the last few weeks he began looking haggard and told Egil that he wasn’t sleeping well. He began asking a lot of questions about what he had been like just before his expulsion. Then, two days ago he failed to come to the temple. Egil searched his home, but did not find Lucius within.

Egil offers 25 gold each up front and another 75 gold each upon finding Lucius. The characters agree and Egil takes them to Lucius’ home in the Temple District. Within, they search and find a to do list and a diary with clues. In the basement below, they find nothing but an empty bookshelf made from some (possibly) foreign wood and an empty display case.

The group leaves the home and goes to the Temple of Moradin so that Thorend may attend to his personal business. They find the temple burned down, as though an explosion destroyed it. Nothing remains, other than rubble. While the group searched the temple, Lucan noticed someone spying on them from a building a block down. He tried to chase after, but failed to catch up to the hooded figure. However, he did find a clue; a piece of cloth with a strange symbol that has something to do with the Chained God Tharizdun.

The group decides to call it a night as Egil gets back to his temple.

Next time: - Go to Glory Hole for meeting with sailor from Deep Star to learn about the cargo, follow-up on clues from to do list and diary, Nemoc is to keep his master’s meeting with high priest Thuron.

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