A god-like being from ancient times that started the great World War of Darkness over 1100 years ago.


Not much is known of the being called Necreus, other than what is written in aged history books and religious tomes. It is said that he was a harbinger from the Far Realms that came to Creation to destroy it during the Entropy Wars. He and the goddess Solara battled and fell into the world when the GodWall was created, stripping both of their power. Solara awoke as a demi-god named Sola, who inspired the Soladrin Theopolis. Her actions awoke Necreus who built an Army of Darkness that spread across the world in an attempt to conquer it. Sola formed an Army of Light from the alliances of the Conclave of Magi, the Soladrin Theopolis, the Kingdom of Nerath and various smaller kingdoms throughout the world. At the war’s climax, Sola sacrificed herself to imprison Necreus in his Obsidian Citadel.

Recent events suggest that Necreus has once again become active in the world. Though his current activities are not clear, agents claiming to work for him (such as the Brine Witch) state that he wishes to bring order to the world, under his rule.


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