A cryptic name mentioned in a note to the Unspeakable Ones, suggesting that this person is coordinating efforts between the various cults for some greater purpose.


Note from N’Tal: The note is detailed below.

•The Dark Beacon nears completion and the day of the Master’s awakening is at hand. Before that day dawns, however, we still have much work to do.
•The Unchained are to care for the Moradin threat.
•The Deep Ones are to isolate the Serpent’s Teeth to prevent outside aid from coming to stop us.
•The Zoretha must find the third and final Zoretha Scroll.
•Finally, the Unspeakable are to find and take the Traveler and take the secret of The Calling from him.
•The Eclipse shall arrive in Freeport on schedule. Be certain that all is ready for us. The Brotherhood is depending upon you. DO NOT FAIL US.

This note was found in the lair of the Unspeakable Ones and the one named N’Tal seems to be coordinating their efforts. Toward what purpose? What is the Dak Beacon and the “master” it is supposed to awaken?


According to the Brine Witch, N’Tal was once a servant to the Elder Evil known as Necreus. He was sent into the Broken Straits to locate items and places of power that Necreus could exploit when it came time for him to lead his army of darkness across the world once again. N’Tal sailed the straits for years acquiring knowledge and relics for his master, but one day his ship came upon a powerful storm and was destroyed. N’Tal’s ship and crew were lost, but the warlock survived on a piece of wreckage and drifted for days before landing upon a small island. In the center of the island, N’Tal found a crater and within was a broken meteor containing a reddish-black sphere. The sphere spoke to N’Tal’s mind, calling itself the Dark Beacon, and recruited the warlock to the cause of the Star Spawn. It formed the broken meteor into a powerful sword called Blackrazor and upon accepting this new pact, N’Tal severed his connection to Necreus.

It is Necreus’ concern that the Dark Beacon wishes N’Tal to summon forth the Star Spawn from the Astral Abyss to destroy Creation and to assimilate its remains into the stuff of the Far Realms.

Nobody knows what N’Tal looks like, other than having strange eyes.


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