Apocalypse from the Sky

The Voyage

SESSION DATE: 11.20.10

ATTENDEES: Jason, Drew, Chad, Robbbb

  • Before the voyage begins, Captain Barrons says a visit to the dragonborn village of Arkhor is needed to gain protection from the sea beast that has been terrorizing ships in the deep sea.
  • The elder of the dragonborn, Zanendithas Flamesbreath, told Barrons that they had used up the last of the substance called Orgrit that have been used by the dragonborn to protect their ships from the Leviathan and Deep Ones. The elder gives Barrons directions to the small island where the Orgrit is found, but warns that the spirit of the island requires a virgin sacrifice. He offers one of the dragonborn maidens.
  • Zanendithas Flamesbreath pulls Haltock aside informing him that he believes Haltock to be the reincarnation of Garador Infernusbane, the legendary hero of the ancient dragonborn empire of Arkhosia, who is destined to return and lead the dragonborn back to the promised land and rebuild the empire from its ashes. He gives Haltock the Standard of Arkhosia to aid in his quest.
  • The Deep Star travels to the small island where the Orgrit is found, but the island is currently being searched by the crew of the Widowmaker.
  • The group sneak onto the island and confront the first mate of the Widowmaker, Mr. Fines, who they rescued from the lair of the Unchained. He tells them Captain Byrne (who was last seen eating his own hand in Kraken’s Cove) was recovered by Captain Baumann, a ruthless pirate in league with the Sea Lord. The crew of the Widowmaker is digging up the island searching for something that Mr Fines refused to divulge.
  • Captain Byrne, who was searching a small shack on the island, shouts that he “found it” and, as he left the shack, was attacked by Lucan and Thorend.
  • Captain Byrne, apparently a wereshark, morphed into a hybrid form and after a short fight, ran into the ocean holding a wooden chest and swimming out to the Widowmaker. His departure triggered the wrath of the island’s spirit and a monstrous crab emerges from the waters and attacks.

11.20.10 crab fight

  • The crew of the Widowmaker and the Deep Star attack the crab and, thanks to Nemoc’s magic, manage to slow it down enough for the survivors to get back to the Deep Star. Mr. Fines, unhappy with Captain Byrne’s betrayal, goes with them. He is thrown in chains in the ship’s brig.
  • Barrons loads up the Orgrit in the ship’s figurehead and then sets sail for the Maw ( the permanent hurricane in the Twisting Deep).
  • Mr Fines reveals that the Widowmaker is under the control of Captain Baumann. Sarla, Barrons’ personal ship whore, informs the group that Baumann was Barron’ first mate and companion until she got in good with the Sea Lord and acquired her own ship. Barrons, angered with her leaving him, tried to sink her ship. The two have been at odds ever since.
  • The ship encounters a mysterious fog on a few nights, causing the crew to be fearful. Barrons seems to become more and more withdrawn. First mate Neckbone seems to be feeding feelings of dissention among the crew.
  • The heroes confront Sarla, believing her to be poisoning Barrons, when Neckbone and a large portion of the crew start up a mutiny. The heroes kill Neckbone and wound many of his followers and squash the mutiny attempt.
  • The heroes take Mr. Fines out of the brig and set him up as acting first mate while Barrons remains incapacitated, to keep the ship runnning.

11.20.10 mutiny

  • The following day, Captain Baumann’s ship, the Lacrymosa, catches the Deep Star and attacks with her powerful cannon weapons. But as her ship was unprotected by Orgrit, the cannonfire drew the attentions of the Leviathan, which attacked the Lacrymosa. The Deep Star used this distraction to escape.

11.20.10 boarded

  • Later that night, the group is awakened by sounds. The investigate and find that they have been boarded by Captain Baumann and a small raiding crew, who snuck up to Captain Barrons’ cabin, apparently intent on killing him. The heroes attack, find that Baumann’s first mate is a large wereshark, and do battle with he and the raiders.

11.20.10 capt baumann

  • Captain Baumann is captured after her raiders are killed.

11.20.10 wereshark falls

  • The Deep Star continues its voyage to the Maw, which looms on the horizon.



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