Apocalypse from the Sky

The Unspeakable Ones

Play Date: Friday 06/11/10 In Attendance: Mark, Jason, Robbbb, Chad, Drew

Session Summary: Our heroes begin this session in an abandoned building in Freeport, having arrived here after following the secretary of the Ioun Temple, Milos. Shortly after entering, they hear the approach of another and find that their friend Fedmahn has caught back up with them.


The group enters the cellar and find a hidden door behind some barrels. They open the door and descend into a stairwell leading down to a hall that has a single robed human apparently guarding a door. Lucan quietly knocks the guard unconscious and find that the door he was guarding is enchanted with a Magic Mouth ritual. The group drags the guard up to the cellar above, find that he has the same eclipse tattoo as the ones who attacked them in front of their inn the previous night. They question him about the door and he gives them a passphrase after some prompting from Haltock. The password turned out to be false and the Magic Mouth alerted the skeletons in the room beyond the door, who immediately attacked the heroes as they entered. Despite the power of the skeletons, one of which burned with necrotic energies, the group destroyed them and found a hidden door leading to another hall containing two single doors and one set of double doors…and another guard. He is taken out quickly and they open one of the single doors to find a hall leading to a room containing a pit and a ledge with a chest upon it. They open the other door and find a room containing a table, a bookshelf and various papers and scrolls scattered upon the table and floor. Another guard within is dispatched quickly and the group searches the room, collecting a book and some paper of interest that give status reports of the construction of the Lighthouse of Drac from a few years ago and a recent one from about a month ago. Another paper of interest seems to give instructions to several named cults to perform certain tasks (see the Wiki for the full note). The note is signed by someone named N’Tal.

Unable to contain his curiosity, Lucan goes back to the room with the chest and, after passing through a trapped hall, manages to swing his way over to the ledge using chains that dangle from the ceiling over the pit separating the trapped hall from the chest. He finds the chest trapped with a magical glyph of warding and, with Nemoc’s aid, is able to deactivate it and retrieve the treasure within.


The group then proceeds to the next room, where they finally find Milos dressed in cultist robes and standing over the body of Lucius; apparently torturing him. The group engages Milos and the cultists within the chamber in battle, but when one of them rings a gong, reinforcements arrive, including a creature Milos called “the gauth.” This creature was a floating orb with one giant eye and mouth on the orb and four eyestalks upon the top, each of which emitted dangerous rays. The battle was brutal and both Nemoc and Fedmahn nearly died before the last cultist was killed and the gong was rung, which apparently convinced the gauth to return to it’s lair in the pit. The group recovers from the fight, collect Lucius and leave the dungeon.


Lucius appears to have been tortured, but has no permanent damage done to him. They take him to the Temple of Ioun and to his friend, Brother Egil, who pays the heroes the balance of what he promised them. They tell Egil of Milos’ extra curricular activities with the cult and he says he’ll report this to Thuron as soon as the high priest returns to the temple. Egil also mentions that his other friend, Karina Drac (the Sea Lord’s daughter) did something foolish and has gone off after her estranged boyfriend who stole her valuable amulet. Egil asks the heroes to consider going after her, for she is brash and likely to get herself hurt, or worse.

The session ended here.



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