Apocalypse from the Sky

The Tower Arcanis

SESSION DATE: 01/21/2011

IN ATTENDANCE: Damn-well everyone. Robb, Jason, Aaron, Josh, Chad, Mark & Drew

SESSION SUMMARY: Upon breaking the surface of the waters from their dive to the Deep Ones’ lair, the heroes see their ship under attack by a ghostly reflection: the Death Star! Skeletal pirates attacking the Deep Star’s crew, directed under the vengeful command of Captain Locke. Captain Barrons barks orders at his crew as the ghostly figurehead bears down upon him. The heroes break up, some going after the undead Captain Locke, while other board the Deep Star to help the crew and Barrons. After a bloody battle, Captain Locke is destroyed and the Death Star and her crew disappear into the mists.

Afterward, Nemoc receives a vision from his sword of a Silver Lady stating that he has gained enough experience as a wizard to see her and to unlock a power of the ancestral blade he carries, which is called the Starblade. The Silver Lady tells Nemoc that he may travel the Ley Lines of the world, but doing so costs him vitality. He may use the sword to transport himself and his companions through the permanent hurricane to where the Tower Arcanis lay in stasis between worlds. The Silver Lady says that she was the one who constructed both the Tower Arcanis and created the Starblade and that she is Nemoc’s ancestor. She says that only he may bring back the Tower and restore the Conclave of Magi to the world.

After resting, the heroes join with Nemoc and are transported through the hurrican and land upon an island at the eye. On the center of the isle, the Tower Arcanis stands upon a plateau, flickering in and out of existence. All about the island, thousands of monolithic figures, identical to those found on the Serpent’s Teeth islands, stand inert. The heroes also find wreckage upon the beach with pieces of the constructs that made up the cult of the Zoretha, which they had fought before and recovered the two Zoretha scrolls, which legends say are needed to reactivate the monolithic hulks. The third scroll is possibly held within the Tower Arcanis.


The heroes make it to the plateau and, after successfully scaling it, reach the Tower Arcanis. Hiding invisibly among the monoliths surrounding it however, are two of the Zoretha cultists and a hulking construct, all of whom attack the heroes. The battle is fierce, but the heroes manage to destroy the constructs. They then pull their skills to find the portal to the tower and Nemoc uses his sword to gain them entry.


Once inside, they find a chamber filled with undead. They fight their way past a wall of fire and two walls of ice, through a barrage of unearthly necrotic energy bolts from the undead, to gain entrance to a portal chamber. There they teleport themselves to the Ley Line Power Core chamber, where they find more undead.


They battle these poor remains of the magi that were trapped within the tower and destroy them all. Nemoc then gains entrance to the chamber containing the Eternity Clock and resets it to the proper alignment, thus restoring the Tower Arcanis to the plane of Creation. The tower asks him where he wishes it to be located and Nemoc has it set down upon the island of Minos, where the Dark Beacon stands.


Next: The final confrontation with the Eclipse and their master, N’Tal!


Crotch shot for the win… Good thing its a minion.

The Tower Arcanis

I debated whether to Photoshop the background out, but it was too damn funny.

The Tower Arcanis

That’s why you can’t take Mark out in public.

The Tower Arcanis

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