Apocalypse from the Sky

The Dark Beacon

The Tower Arcanis arrives upon the island of Minos just yards away from the lighthouse. Nemoc is told by his ancestor’s spirit within his blade that he must master his arcane art if he is to gain mastery over the tower. The heroes leave the tower and find the island is in a state of chaos. The lighthouse is emitting a beam into the heavens that has ripped a hole in the very sky above the island and within that hole, monstrous beings from the deepest void of the Astral Sea seek entrance into Creation. The void has also warped space on the island making it difficult for the heroes to move, and causing psychic turbulence that attacks the hero’s very minds. Of all the heroes, only Nemoc, Lucan, Thorend and Fedmahn stand, the others fallen victim to the mental barrage of the island. The three move quickly as they can until they reached the lighthouse. The entrance was guarded by strange, aberrant creatures, but Fedmahn, now seemingly possessed by an alien intelligence, occupies them while the others enter the tower.


They find the first level empty, so they go to the stairwell and descend into caves below the lighthouse. Within the caves they find Lucius, the Ioun Priest they rescued in their first adventure on these islands, trapped within a glass prison. The caves are infested with ghouls, led by a monstrously obese ghoul. The heroes do battle with the grotesque undead. At one point, Lucan gets eaten, then regurgitated by the lead ghoul, but eventually they manage to defeat the undead and save Lucius, who, as usual, is clueless as to why he is here. He says that he and the Brine Witch were attacked in her cave and they trapped him in the glass cage. The Brine Witch was eaten by the ghouls.


The heroes leave the caves and go back up the stairs to find Fedmahn, covered in blood, waiting for them. He seems to faint as Lucius appears and then Lucius’ eyes go black as the alien intelligence possesses him, turning him once again into The Traveler, who then tells them, “I go to where the Dark Beacon carries out its summons and I will begin a ritual that will destroy it. You should exit the tower before the ritual is completed.”


The four climb up to the pinnacle of the turbulent lighthouse, fearing that it may come tumbling down from the forces being unleashed. At the top, they enter a chamber and find N’Tal performing the Ritual of Calling, which had apparently taken much of his life energies to fuel. Though emaciated, N’Tal laughed at the Traveler, stating that he was too late to stop The Calling and prepared to meet the heroes in the final battle.



The fight was fierce. N’Tal unleashed his Star Spawned powers against the heroes, who retaliated with martial, arcane and divine might. Finally, as the Traveler neared completion of the ritual to destroy the Dark Beacon, the heroes kill N’Tal. But as the warlock falls, a spawn from the stars rises from his corpse and begins to pull everything within the chamber to the void that is it’s form. The heroes gather as Nemoc uses his ancestral sword to whisk them away along the ley lines beneath the island to the city of Freeport across the bay. From there, they see the top of the lighthouse explode in a shower of fire and stone. The lighthouse known as Milton’s Folly, crumbles into the sea, the threat of N’Tal and the Dark Beacon ended.




Later, the heroes gather back at their favorite pub, the Glory Hole to determine what is to happen next.

  • Lucan still calls into question the Sea Lord’s legitimacy and feels he must address this.
  • Haltock must decipher the dragonborn tablets and determine whether he will lead his people to their homeland to rebuild the Empire of Arkhosia.
  • Nemoc wishes to seek out the Magi Towers to learn more of his craft and begin to rebuild the Conclave of Magi.
  • Thorend has been tasked with the repair of the damaged GodWall. And though he bears the Gauntlet of Moradin and a piece of the GodWall itself, he knows not how to accomplish this.
  • Fedmahn, having served his master Necreus, now believes he is free to seek his own destiny.
  • Grekk still senses a wrongness in the world and believes the threat of the Star Spawn is not yet ended.
  • And, finally, Jaoved believes that hooking up with this group was the worst idea ever, but it was pretty fun and will keep hanging out with them until his destiny reveals itself.

And so the heroes, who never quite gave a name to themselves, raise a toast to themselves and a future full of adventure!

Epilogue: Deep within the Astral Abyss, the being known as Atropus stares out of the void to a pinpoint of light. His spawn, the aberrant beings that followed him into the void to escape the wrath of the gods at the dawn of time, gather around him raging at the closure of the Dark Beacon’s portal. Frustrated that the mortal N’Tal failed them despite being given the mighty Blackrazor and the Dark Beacon, the star spawn await their master’s direction. Atropus, having been inert for millennia, has been awakened by the Dark Beacon and shown the way to Creation. “Come, my spawn, do not despair. The Dark Beacon has laid forth the path. The Gods believed their precious world hidden from us, but it now lies revealed. We go now down that path and claim our prize at the end…CREATION SHALL BE DESTROYED!!!”

The void of the Astral Abyss begins its slow but steady trajectory towards the pinpoint of light in the distance.


This campaign was fun. Thanks for participating. I will be starting a new campaign and will be sending out invitations to the Obsidian Portal campaign page shortly. Please be sure to check your email for the invitation and accept it. At some point, we may see the heroes of the Apocalypse from the Sky again, but for now, we’ll leave them to celebrate their victory at the Glory Hole.

The Dark Beacon

/stands up and begins slow clap…

Overall great campaign and introduction into 4th edition for me. I thoroughly enjoy your DM style and story telling Nelson, and I can’t wait to play in the next campaign.

I know I will be anxious to continue Nemoc’s story some day….

The Dark Beacon

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