Apocalypse from the Sky

Milton's Folly: Part 2

Session Date: 10/22/10

In Attendance: Robbbbb, Chad, Jason, Aaron, Josh

DM’s Note: I’m going to do something different with my notes going forward. Rather than type them in a narrative format, which takes me FOREVER, I’m going to bullet point the highlights instead. Should make it easier for the reader to pick up on the important parts of the session without having to read a book to get the info.

  • After defeating the aberrant creatures in the dining hall, the heroes find two more of their friends in the lighthouse, Jaoved and Lucan and a catatonic Fedmahn and Haltock.
  • The group goes to the chamber full of zombies, find that killing a zombie results in a new zombie being created by two sarcophagi at the rear of the room.
  • Zombies ignore the heroes as they enter. The heroes go up the stairs to a door. Lucan picks thelock and finds the room beyond full of treasure.
  • Jaoved enters and is attacked by a construct that looks like a large, animated bear trap. Trap is destroyed, treasure is looted. Dsc05709
  • Within one chest is a swarm of Rot Grub, heroes are attacked and eventually destroy the swarm. At the bottom of the chest is the key they sought. Dsc05710
  • Finding the key results in the zombies suddenly becoming interested in the heroes’ presence and they attack. Nemoc destroys the zombies with a spell. Nemoc vs zombies
  • Heroes use the two keys to turn off the wall of force protecting the door. They open the door and find a room that has the Dark Beacon, N’Tal and the members of the Eclipse within. Dark beacon encounter
  • N’Tal tells them that they are too late to stop him from sending a summons to the Star Spawn because he found a breach in the GodWall that allowed the Dark Beacon to start transmitting.
  • N’Tal tells the heroes that he needs Lucius the Traveler to be bought to him so that he can complete a ritual to penetrate the Astral Abyss and call a powerful being within. He says the stars will be in alignment in 25 days for the ritual and needs Lucan by then. If they don’t agree to bring him, they will die.
  • Jaoved tries to bluff N’Tal, but he didn’t buy it. N’Tal sends his Eclipse away and attacks the heroes.
  • The fight begins, but both Nemoc and Grekk touch the Dark Beacon, are shown a vision of the thing in the Astral Abyss, a sentient planet called Atropus. The experience throws them both from the orb and inflicts madness on them both. 111153
  • The battle is fought hard by the heroes, but N’Tal cuts them down one by one, rendering them unconscious instead of killing them, surely for some dark purpose. N tal triumphant
  • Before Lucan and Nemoc are cut down, Nemoc’s sword, which acted strangely the night before in the Brine Witch’s cave, speaks to Nemoc in a feminine voice saying that they are not yet ready for this fight and the sword leaps from his scabbard and somehow teleports Nemoc and his allies out of the lighthouse and back to the Brine Witch’s cave.
  • After explaining what happened to the witch, she agrees to summon Captain Barrons to her cave so they can begin the voyage to restore the Tower Arcanis, which will (hopefully), weaken the Dark Beacon and buy them time to defeat N’Tal and his Eclipse. But they have 25 days to make a trip that may take too long to stop N’Tal from perfoming the ritual to summon Atropus. The Brine Witch assures them that she will hide Lucius from N’Tal until they return.


Love the spell art!!!!!

Milton's Folly: Part 2

Yeah, I’m trying my hand at Photoshop. Not very good yet, but its coming along.

Milton's Folly: Part 2

If you’r trying your hand at Photoshop and plan to get into it more, I’d definitely recommend picking up at good tablet. Gives you a lot more control than a mouse and can cut down the time you spend doing things. Wacom is pretty much the standard and they make some cheap starter ones.

Milton's Folly: Part 2

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