Apocalypse from the Sky

Lair of the Deep Ones

In Attendance: Josh, Jason, Robbb, Chad, Drew

Goal: Dive down to Deep Ones’ lair and destroy the Resonator.
Goal Accomplished? Yes.

Session Highlights

  • Nemoc casts Dive ritual, allowing the five heroes to breathe and act underwater normally. They swim down to the ocean floor and see that it is covered with a colossal living mass that is the Leviathan.
  • The group swims to a mountain and find the lair of the Deep Ones is an ancient Arkhosian (dragonborn) Temple dedicated to Bahamut and Tiamat both. They also find the temple is guarded by 3 giant jellyfish.


  • The group sneak past the jellyfish and enter the temple. They fight past sahaugin guards and enter the throne room of the Sahaugin Baron.


  • Rather than fight in the throneroom, they draw the sahaugin and the baron out into the hall. There, they whittle them down more efficiently.


  • The baron, realizing the group is formitable, orders his priest to use the Resonator to summon the Leviathan to destroy the temple.


  • The baron tries to escape, but is webbed up by Nemoc.


  • The group break into the chamber where the Resonator is located, kill the sahaugin priest, and work together to destroy the Resonator using the Gauntlet of Moradin.



  • The heroes cave in the roof of the temple to cover the hole leading to the ley line beneath that fed Resonator. They then surface and find the Deep Star under attack by…the DEATH STAR!



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