Apocalypse from the Sky

Lair of the Cult of the Chained God

Play Date: 08/07/10:

In Attendance: Robbb, Drew, Chad, Jason

As we began this session, the heroes had just defeated the bullywug, but not before one escaped and began calling for backup. Grekk offers to lead the bullywug away from the heroes and leaves the group.

The heroes stand poised to enter the lair of the Unchained, but before they do so, they notice two towering megaliths in the jungle near the ruins. After examining them, they determine that they may be two of the mythic Zoretha. Legends hold that the Zoretha were sent to Creation to destroy the world. There were thousands of these massive stone warriors and everything that stood before them was destroyed. Somehow, the Zoretha became inert and became rooted in the spot they stopped. Legends say that the Zoretha can be reawakened with three scrolls known as the Zoretha Scrolls, and the crazy cult that venerates these megalithic engines of destruction have been seeking the scrolls.

As they studied the two stone figures, Lucan became transfixed by one, snapping out of it only after his companions. A little disoriented, Lucan follows the rest of the group down into the dungeon. Deep in the dungeon, the heroes find a room with a stylized eye painted upon the floor. Lucan and Nemoc get a bad feeling from the mark and so Nemoc creates a floating disc to ferry them across the room without touching the mark.


In the next chamber, they find two Unchained cultist guards. They get a jump on the two, kill one but the other tries to escape. They chase him down a dark hall and kill him before he can alert other cultists. In the process, they locate another hall, at the end of which is a door. When Nemoc approached it, a magic mouth appeared and welcomed a “brother magi”. The door opened and revealed a wizard’s study, complete with a bookshelf, desk, and various tools, charts and maps used in studying celestial phenomenon. As the group studies the room, a magical image of a kind of dragonborn in wizards robes who says that this was his lair before being killed and offered to answer any questions. The group learns that the magi had been a member of the extinct order of magic users called the Conclave of Magi. He and a companion were present in the Tower Arcanis during the Magi Heresy and managed to escape the attack of the Soladrin Confessors by coming to this island. He says that they Tower Arcanis was moved along the magical ley lines that traverse Creation and that his companion, a wizard called Qathur, went to the island of Zyr determined to find a way to restore it and the Conclave. Finally, he gives Nemoc a book called the “Apocalypse from the Sky” which documents the mage’s studies of malevolent stellar beings that he believes will some day threaten Creation.

The group leave the room and follow another passage, tripping a fire jet trap and another trap that opens toothy maws in the floor. They bypass these and find a room with a 30’ deep pit containing treasure at the bottom. Against Thorend’s better judgement, Lucan climbs down to get the treasure, but is greeted by a rust monster and also discovers a gelatinous cube. Lucan manages to jump away from the cube and rust monster, grabbing his rope and, with assist from Haltock, he climbs out (without any treasure).

The heroes then go to another chamber that contains a large pool full of a reddish liquid resembling blood and four piles of skulls. The group determines that the pool is linked to the only other exit from the room; a large set of double doors. They also determine that the skulls are used to open the door by throwing a certain combination of skulls into the pool. They reason out the combination by noting the size difference of the skull piles and, upon throwing the skulls into the pool, the doors open to reveal a large chamber full of cultists.

The cult leader, Dorin Karathus, orders his cultists to attack and, as they do, he begins summoning the Fell Taint that attacked the group in Kraken’s Cove. The battle is brutal and Thorend falls during his attempt to get at Dorin, but eventually the group manages to kill the cultists, dispearse he taint and keep one survivor. Upon the altar, they find a golden idol bearing the Elder Eye symbol and they find a Moradin artifact known as Moradin’s Gauntlet, which legends say was worn by the god when building the GodWall and the prison of the Chained God.


Using some intimidation, they get the cultist to lead them to the slaves brought here by the cult to unearth the ley line that traverses under the island, which the cult was hoping to use to somehow free their Chained God. They also find Karina and give her the amulet that Dorin had stolen from her. Lucan shockingly reveals that he is her brother. When asked why Dorin had been interested in her amulet, she replied that there have been rumors circulating in Freeport for years that the Drac family has a secret vault with untold treasures and that her amulet was one of three needed to open the vault. Karina doubted this rumor, as her father had not given her any indication of a family vault, hidden or otherwise.

They discover the Moradin priests among the slaves and they learn that the Moradin Temple had been built in Freeport to find Moradin’s Gauntlet. When they succeeded, the Unchained cult had used alchemy to destroy their temple. The cultists took the dwarves as slaves and took Moradin’s Gauntlet, presumably to use in freeing their god.

They also found a number of dragonborn, who were taken from their settlement on the island of Zyr. Finally, they met the true first mate of the Widowmaker, Mr. Fines, who agreed to sail the ship out of Kraken’s Cove and return the slaves to their homes. Mr. Fines said that Captain Byrne had lost the Widowmaker in a bet with another pirate named Captain Baumann, and fled Freeport in hopes of hiding the Widowmaker in Kraken’s Cove. Mr. Fines was afraid that Captain Baumann, a ruthless pirate herself, would stop at nothing to get the ship, sohe planned to return it to her after returning the slaves.

The group lead the freed slaves out of the dungeon, back through the jungle to Kraken’s Cove and that is where the session ends.

Pictures are forthcoming.



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