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“Look upward, and gaze at the horrors I’ve seen…”

Words written by an exiled Celestial Mage from the ancient order of arcanists known as the Conclave of Magi, tell of a threat from beyond the GodWall. “The very stars are alive…and they hunger!” Apocalypse from the Sky is a warning for any who would heed. A portent of a danger forgotten even by the gods, one that stirs within its dark and cold nebula, waiting for the Dark Beacon to call…

Thrown together by chance, a group of brave heroes struggle to survive in the wilderness of the Twisting Deep.

  • Haltock: Dragonborn Warlord
  • Thorend: Dwarf Paladin
  • Fedmahn Kassad: Human Fighter
  • Lucan: Elf Rogue
  • Nemoc Sosco: Eladrin Wizard
  • Grekk: Human Druid
  • Jaoved: Minotaur Ranger

Apocalypse from the Sky

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